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Top 10 Horror Movies to watch on Netflix

In the entertainment industry, the OTT platforms have set a benchmark to maintain consistency to give all kinds of movies to the audiences. In this situation, the OTT platforms have really left no crisis in the supply of such amazing movies to the cinephiles.

When there is a topic of OTT platforms, you don’t ignore the name of one of the most popular videos streaming platforms, Netflix. This platform is filled with many and a lot of stuff with a huge quantity. In this, you will find every film genre that you also will get confused to choose the best one.

Here is a list of the top 10 horror movies on Netflix:

10. Under the Shadow

This horror movie belongs to Tehran. It is a story of a politically tantalizing and angry repressed spirit that unleashed upon the world. If you love horror movies then this movie is the boldest emblem of the repressed rage felt by a woman in Iran that has to be released since A Separation.


This horror movie is an incredible benefit in the current vogue of home invasion thrillers. This film is focused on the deranged murderer(Gallagher Jr.) and also the object of his murderous obsession, Maddie (Siegel).

8.Gerald’s Game

It is an interesting horror thriller film. In this show Flanagan a man has proved himself with his string of horror hits, and his Gerald Game work as the most impressive feat yet. It is a brilliant psychological horror thriller that finds the hard topics without any explosion. This series is included toxic masculinity, oppressive silence, and cycles of abuse.


This film is about a king’s subtle nightmares with a punch by inspecting the familiar terrors of masculine pride that has gone incorrect and given a spiritual punishment of a man who selects his destruction.

6.The Invitation

It is an awesome masterpiece in the horror thriller section. The plot of this film is about a dinner party of reuniting old friends, ex-lovers that utilize the slight runtime to unlock the long-trauma decades along with the human center of evil.

5.The Ritual

There is no doubt that this is the creepiest film monster creations in this current year. The story of Barton/Nevill that have a familiar outset setup and also included plenty of twists and turns. The tale of a group of college friends who have planned for a getaway that has turned into a horrific one.


It is also an interesting horror thriller. This film is based on some creepy zombies and also with incredible storytelling that really enough to dare you.

3.In the Tall Grass

It is also an incredible adaptation of Netflix in the horror genre. This show is about some passerby who invokes into a vast field of tall grass by people urging for help, but after entering into it they are unable to find the way back out again.

2.Blackcoat’s Daughter

This movie is also set a special place in the list of horror films. With a creepy slow burn and punctuating violent moments, it is also included with a tale of loneliness and dare that pays off an outstanding final moment.

1.The Evil Dead

This film is one of the most horrifying ones, a true classic horror. It is a low-budget presentation of the director Sam Raimi. The film story revolves around a group of college students who have visited a remote cabin in the forest and uncertainly fall prey to demonic possession.

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