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Entertainment: Positive And Negative Effect of The Nigeria Movie Industry On The Youths (Opinion)

Entertainment: Positive And Negative Effect of The Nigeria Movie Industry On The Youths (Opinion)

The Nigeria movie industry, also known as Nollywood, has been making waves all over the world, in which we've had other people representing other countries feature in the scene. Ranging from Yoruba movies, Igbo movies, Hausa movies all adding to the country in terms of economic boost and preference.

In this write-up, I will be sharing some positive and negative effect of the Industry on youths in these areas, all in my own point of view. Every instance or example in this article is just to buttress my point, it doesn't mean those are the only things I found out, there are more but just brought few out to explain my mind.

Education: a saying goes thus, that Education is the best legacy to give a child or children. It has been the most valued asset, which has made many people stand out amidst others, and has also given learned people the opportunity to speak with great men and women. One way the Nigeria movie industry has contributed to the lives of Nigerian youths is Education, they have, in all ways, show that Education is needed. In a particular movie I watched, a young girl was shown to be intelligent though has no parent but has someone she stays with, she was always leading her class, and she later had admission into the university, and was placed on scholarship, graduated, and had a successful life. Education will always make way for you no matter what. On so many occasions has the movie industry encouraged Education, and also made it known to youth that no lazy person can make it in life. Another way the movie industry encouraged Education is from the Actors and Actresses via their profile, and I can say that the set of people making waves in the industry are those who are learned. The world is going against ignorance, and we should embrace knowledge, and Education will grant you a lot of knowledge. A saying goes thus, if Education is expensive, then try ignorance. And funnily, some of these celebrities are our mentor, then we should embrace what they also embraced. Education is really a legacy.

Culture: this is defined as the way of life of people of a particular environment, another Awesome way the Nigeria movie industry, has been of help to youths is encouraging the cultural belief of Nigeria, and Africa at large. And a significant cultural believe that has really been portrayed is the act of respect for elders. They showed us that you can never speak back at elderly ones, you must learn to listen to them, and even when you greet them, you either prostrate as a guy, or you kneel down as a lady. You can imagine how valuable and cherished these cultural beliefs are, also imagine Odunlade Adekola, as tall as he is prostrate for Fausat Balogun, it shows there is something to emulate from such belief. There haven't been many movies that have portrayed rudeness to an elderly one, even if such is shown, necessary action will come into play as such will be rebuked by whosoever is handling the parenting part. And also to a very reasonable level, they have made the language more acceptable, there are movies that they communicate in pure Yoruba, pure English, pure Igbo, and pure Hausa. In other words, the Nigeria movie Industry has been positive in the aspect of culture on the youths.

Religion: this is believed to be the best way to reach out to one's creator, and hear from Him, and also talk to Him, either as a Christian or as a Muslim or even the traditional way. With my study with the Nollywood movies, the Yoruba movies, the Igbo movies and even the Hausa movies, I noticed that it is hard they shoot a movie and not include either a Pastor, or an Imam or a Herbalist, just to portray the importance of religion to humanity. On the Christianity side, it has been portrayed that whenever anyone is going through any challenges, the only person he can call on, is God through Jesus by fast, and prayers, which will always yield result. Also, they have made it known that the religion is against stealing, lying, murder etc. On the Islam side, they made us see that, even if you're wrong, you can run to Allah for mercy and He will show you mercy, and also forgive every of your sin, even if you're going through challenges too, Allah is ready to deliver you. They lay emphasis on prayers too, as the surest way to speak to one's creator in both religious practices. In this religion activities, they also lay emphasis on moderate dressing, on fasting etc. 

The negative side of religion to the youths will come from the traditional side of religion, the Industry has been able to show us two sides of these people, the good and the wrong side because they either do good or do evil. And I believe this should be revealed less, especially their wrong side. And this bad side has been portrayed in the aspect of money rituals, getting power to maybe become a notorious thief, to become a strong internet fraudster, acquiring fame, and all these coming with a sacrifice or price of either killing someone to acquire all; that's why in our generation, we hear of people who died and they couldn't find their private parts. All these messages from the movie are not suitable for the youths at large, as it gives prompting to some of them to venture into such area, and they become a menace to the society. The Nollywood industry has been an excellent place to learn religious activities.

Let me talk more on the negative side of the movie Industry to the youths, buttressing the money ritual, getting power etc., I feel this has really influenced a lot of youths because as they see all these things been performed, they follow suit as well. For instance, some people became cultists, in which I believe there was an influence, and I believe the Industry can get away to remove this lifestyle from people's brain, as much as they try to show the repercussion of following this path, I still believe there's a way it can be taken away from the thinking of people.

Some people who are into fraud, has moved a step ahead to get extra powers to make their target hit every time, then making use of innocent ladies as rituals, this has being a significant negative influence on the youths largely. Some of them want to be famous without hard work, so they go the extra mile to make money which I believe was an influence from the Industry.

Dressing: Dress is one significant thing human beings can't do without as it covers the nakedness. And I observed that the significant place of indecent dressing comes from the Industry, I know some of them were acted to correct somethings. Still, some were not acted to correct anything, from the Industry you see latest Fashion trends, which has been a source of inspiration to the youths or better put an influence upon the youths, in which indecent dressing as been a major excuse given by guys who rape ladies.

Drugs: this is most rampant amidst youth of nowadays as they engage in this more either by smoking or drinking or using hard drugs. And most movies encourages this. Take for instance a movie where someone is saying he or she can finish three packs of cigarettes, though some of them don't do these things in their normal state, but for the sake of acting, some of them have to blend, so this encourages youths to want to do more, and they are killing themselves gradually.

From research, it is understood that smokers are liable to die young, due to the damage it does to the lungs. Though, the blame won't go much to the entertainers, but also to the Government who still encourages the selling of this thing. From my observation in other movie Industry, Bollywood (India movie industry), they don't encourage this in their movies, even if someone had to act that scene, there is always a notification on that scene that, smokers are liable to die young, it's a way to address the fact that smoking is not good. 

The Nigeria movie industry has really been an excellent place to learn, but I still feel they can improve on those negative sides and pass more positive oriented messages, either by scenes or maybe by writing it as a prelude or any way they can.

I hope you enjoyed this article, do well to like, share, comment and follow.

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