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'I Cried After She Bravely Struggled To Touch Her Cheek With Her Fingers'- Photographer Reveals

After bringing the story of a mother and her children with beautiful eyes , the same to limelight, the sensational photography "Mofe Bamuyiwa" has yet dropped another amazing photo of an amazing child with a unique arm

The little "Tiara Oulwa" who is seen in the photo below with a unique arm just celebrated her birthday earlier this month and our Instagram Famous photographer wasted no time adorable photos of the girl she took.

She revealed that on meeting her she was so amazed, and also emotional, here was what she had to say

"When she first came to my studio the first time. I told her to put her ‘LUCKY FINGERS’ on her cheek, but she couldn’t .

She came over again and I tried one more time to ask to put her ‘LUCKY FINGERS’ on her cheek, the surprisingly she did it

I was so emotional, and we hugged our selves so tight,I was so proud of her."

The little girl is now becoming a hero to many and is determined to change her world by the help of her family. She is now running a foundation called "limb difference awareness", And she is doing miracles everyday , she’s special , she’s a star.

The young brave girl is super amazing , she models like a pro,

She’s smart and intelligent,

She listens and acts accordingly,

And her smile is Angelic,

Let me stop here , you all can see she is gorgeous.

Please ensure you share this wonderful story with friends and family. Thanks and have a wonderful day. God bless

Content created and supplied by: Olayinkashub30 (via Opera News )

Mofe Bamuyiwa Tiara Oulwa


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