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Check-out The Real Story Behind Famous Hollywood Studio Logos (Photos)

When we’re at the cinema or home watching movies, we usually go through the opening with the logo of the film studio first. These logos have a very interesting story behind them, but almost no one has ever thought about how they were made.


Photo Credit: Google

Back in 1994, three brilliant individuals (Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg, David Geffen) got together to create a new film studio that’s now known as DreamWorks. The company’s name is associated with a fishing boy sitting on the moon, but the original idea was slightly different. The first idea was a computer-generated image of a man fishing from the moon, but visual effects' artist, Dennis Muren insisted on making the logo manually, so they asked illustrator Robert Hunt to draw it.

Photo Credit: William and his dad || Google

The name of the moon boy who was fishing from the moon is William Hunt, the son of the illustrator.

Paramount Pictures

Photo Credit: Google

The Paramount Pictures company was created in 1912 by Adolph Zukor and the Frohman Brothers. Originally, the studio went by another name, Famous Players Film Company, which shows the Paramount Pictures logo and a majestic mountain peak covered in snow and surrounded by a ring of stars who was created by the illustrator, William Hopkinson — who based his work on the Ben Lomond Mountain in Utah.

Photo Credit: Google

The original logo had 24 stars (one for every movie star that had a contract with the studio). Nowadays, instead of an original mountain picture, we see a computer-generated image with 22 stars.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Photo Credit: Google

Back in 1924, American lyricist, Howard Diaz, created a logo for the Goldwyn pictures depicting Leo the lion roaring (which was how the Lion story started). Over the years, at least 7 lions interpreted Leo, the first lion was Slats, but the logo was voiceless, so Slats was there only for decoration. The second one was Jackie, and he was the first one to roar,

Photo Credit: Slats and Jackie || Google

although back then the films were silent. However, the roar was recorded with special equipment and in each cinema there was a phonograph placed behind the screens that reproduced the sound during the opening. The two other lions were Telly, Coffee, and Tanner. Fast-forward to 1957, the studio shot the logo featuring its most famous lion and the one we all know from our childhood till date, Leo, also no lion was harmed during the filming process.

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