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There is an understanding of Providence that lifts a man

Abdul, a Twitter user took his pictures and posted on Twitter about being on site to earn N2000 for the day, and five slots still available for those in need of money. That post went viral, earning him lots of cash, fame, etc. 

Seeing such an event, some other people too wanted to use the opportunity to tell people they too were on site like Abdul and they are hard working, yada yada, but they never got any reasonable attention. 

There's an understanding of Providence that lifts a man. It makes him calm in the midst of chaos. Giving him hope for his expectations. He kinda knows what will be and what will never be, no matter what. 

There's something about's beyond's kinda a mystery. You wonder why two people will do exactly the same thing the way but get different results. 

Abdul didn't get everything he got because of his tweet, he got it because of Providence. He got about 30k reaction while his imitators struggled with less than 100.

I remember sharing about Success, the Warri school you know how many people tried to do something similar to hers but never saw the light of the media? 

I shared about Grand M, the Malian who his friend shared a funny video of his and got you know how many of his friends would have tried mimicking him and see if they will go viral too? 

Providence is personal. In literal terms, what works for you won't work for me. 

One great good you can do for yourself is to understand your Providence. It will lift you beyond the natural. When others are disturbed, you're calm. When others are running from pillar to post looking for a miracle, you know there will or won't be any miracle, or perhaps when the miracle is slated for. 

Do have a great week.

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