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Hansel and Gretel the Witch Hunters - Fiction

Chapter 1

The day was simply boring.

Staring at my freshly baked pastries and newly designed house, I wondered what else I should do in this long-lasting day.

I have taken up interior designing as a new hobby, and I absolutely adore it! I would love to share my talent with others, but at my secluded part of the woods, you don't get very many visitors.

Oh! How rude of me, I haven't introduced myself! My name is Bathilda D. Witch. Some people know me as the evil witch from the story 'Hansel and Gretel.' But I'm not evil, I promise! I just have a love for baking, candy-making, and interior design, so I put all my passions together by designing my deliciously stunning home.

People think I'm cunning by luring people into my house and eating them, but that truly is not me! I've never eaten anyone in my entire life--I really prefer fresh fruits, to be honest. I just want people to see my gorgeous home and try the delicacies that I have worked so hard on! Then, they go as far to say that I shoved those two little children into my oven so I could eat them! None of this nonsense is true, and that is why I need to tell you my side of the story--the true side.

Chapter 2

It all started on a bright and sunny day, right after I had just finished baking my new masterpiece--the 'Berryliscious Pastry.' It was filled with every type of berry imaginable, and I just had to share it with someone besides some pestering birds.

Soon after I had set it outside to cool, along came two merry children, skipping and whistling down the empty road past my cottage. They were dropping bits of breadcrumbs, so I assumed they had nothing to eat and were quite hungry. Obviously, I invited them inside, not only to try my scrumptious pie but to admire my gorgeously designed home.

These two little munchkins were just as happy as could be when I offered them a meal, so they wandered right on in. I set out my pie for them, and they devoured it whole, with not even the slightest morsel left! Using this pie as a sort of 'talking piece,' I began to ask the children their names, where their parents are, and how they ended up in this part of the forest.

"Well, you see," said the girl who I then discovered was Gretel, "We just moved in with our parents who are just absolutely evil ! We never get to eat anything besides bread, bread, and more bread! My brother Hansel and I merely wanted to escape and try new foods. We brought some bread along with us to use as a marker to make sure that we didn't end up walking in circles."

Hansel then piped in, "But we got lost and ended up here! We are ever so scared with no food to eat and no place to rest our tired heads."

Being the generous and loving witch that I am, I let them stay in my lavish guest room and cooked them another meal. I treated them just like I would my own children! Yet I am still repaid to this day with scorn and hate. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm becoming quite side-tracked. Back to the story.

"Oh thank you, dear witch! Thank you so much!" the children cried in glee.


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