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Remember the Movie Merlin, See The Cast Before And Now

The movie Merlin was one movie many will love to rewatch. Below are before and now pictures of the cast in the BBC TV series "Merlin"

Colin Morgan (Merlin)

Colin Morgan who played the role of Merlin in the BBC fantasy series "Merlin" is a northern Irish actor. He was born 1st January 1986 and is said to be 34 years old present.

Bradley James (Authur Pendragon)

Bradley Micheal Jamesis an English actor best known for playing the role of Prince author on the BBC series "merlin" he was born in the United kingdom.

Kate McGrath (Morgana)

Kate McGrath is also an Irish actress best known for playing the role Morgana on the BBC series Merlin. She was 29 years old when she acted the movie "merlin" and is now 37 years old.

Angel Coulby (Gwen)

Angel Coulby who took the role of Gwen in the TV series Merlin is an English actress. She was born 30th August 1980 (age 40 years old). She was said to be 32 years old as at when she acted the movie "Merlin".

Richard Will soon (Gaius)

Richard Wilson is a Scottish actor, broadcaster and theatre director. Who played the role of gaius the court physician of Camelot in the BBC series "Merlin". He was born 9th July 1936 and said to be 84 years old.

Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon)

Anthony Head is said to be an English actor and musician. He was Arthur Pendragon the king of Camelot in the TV series "Merlin". He was born 20th February 1954.

Asa Butterfield (Mordred)

Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield is a British actor. He gained Fame for playing the main character Bruno in the Holocaust film. He also took the role of mordred in the TV series "Merlin".

Emilia Fox (Morgause)

Amelia Rose Elizabeth Fox is an English actor she starred in the TV series "Merlin". She was born 31st July 1974 and she's said to be 46 years old.

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