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5 terrible Deaths connected to Social media.

Social Media, is incredibly divisive, and Most people believed that social media is Marvelous at connecting us together. But one thing, about the internet is that, the internet can definitely have an unfavorable impact on some aspects of our lives. which is making us unhappy occasionally. but also the internet, is a very dangerous place where so many have people have lost their lives.

Here are some 5 terrible Deaths which is connected to the internet/Social Media.


This challenge, called the Choking challenge, (The fainting game). Was a challenge that went viral on social media platforms. this challenge, is the Act of internationally cutting off oxygen to the brain. can you imagine, which will then cause person to pass out. (Faint for some minutes). And so many people had taking the challenge both children and adult.

But this unlucky teenager, Mason Bogard tried doing the challenge. in which he lost his life and never woke up when attempting the challenge.


They are people who will go to any length to snap pictures. some can stand in the middle of the road, or go to tall stories buildings, just to snap pictures. just like Madalyn Davis, who lost her life while taking selfie, she's not the first and won't be the last casualty.

Davies was a makeup artist, and Socal media influencer. Davis, has thousands of followers on her social media platforms.

Davis went for a vacation in Australia.when she fell of a clip in Diamond bay Reserve in Sydney. while she was trying to taking a very risky photo.


we all know that most people get bullied on the internet, as a result of, most of them commit suicide. Just like this 13 year old boy Ryan Halligan, he was relentlessly cyberbullied by other kids on MySpace due to a rumor that he was gay.

Ryan, hanged himself in 2003 where his body was found by his sister.


like I said earlier, they are people who are willing to go to any length just to snap a very dangerous picture. just like this Man, in india. who tried to take a selfie with a bear, he was heading back home in his car.

when he decided to stop to urinate. unfortunately he saw a bear, and decided to take a selfie with the bear. By the time he approached the bear, the bear attacked him and killed the man at the spot.


When someone has a YouTube channel, with lots of followers, it drives you crazy to want to do crazy things just to get views, or more followers.

Just like Grant Thompson, who passed away in 2019. he was found dead near sand hollow state park Utah. With his filming equipment. It was suggested that, he died while he was attempting to film a video for his YouTube channel.

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