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Remember that little girl named Success in the video "them go flog tire" see recent photos of her.

Destiny they can be delayed, but can never be denied. This was the case of Success Adegor, a pupil of Okotie-Eboh Primary School I, Sapele, who was chased from school over exams levy, someone caught her on camera and after the video went viral she's now a celebrity.

Stephanie Idolor, the lady/neighbour who did the recording, recalled how she saw the little girl grumbling.

“She was acting funny. She was a neighbour’s daughter and I recorded her with my phone”, Stephanie told Sunday Vanguard.

But as if to illustrate the popular saying that what God has destined will surely come to pass, ‘a play-play matter’ later turned into a serious issue of high profile intervention as visitors continue to troop to the residence of Mr and Mrs Godwin Adegor since the ‘play-play’ video went viral on Facebook.

The lady who took the video said "I never thought it (video) would go viral. I knew the video was funny, so I shared it on WhatsApp and the next thing it was on Facebook and Twitter and calls started coming in”.

The mother of Success, Mr Vera Adegor, also spoke saying that after her daughter’s video went viral, it was as if the whole world was looking for her (girl).Like every success story, the crowd of goodwill visitors, government personnel, NGOs and a host of other public-spirited persons continue to swell by the day.

Calls from far and near poured in from those who just want to identify with the little girl who had before now lived a low profile life with her parents at an obscure ghetto area of Sapele called Urban Area. It was indeed a thing of Joy.

Meanwhile, Miss Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor, an HND holder from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, who took the video shot of the little girl and upload it on Facebook, said she did it out of fun.

She remarked that "the pitiable sight of Miss Adegor, who was terribly bitter and soliloquising, while walking back home, attracted me to her, and when she narrated her story, I took it from there".

“I thank God for what happened and I appreciate all the personalities that responded including the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education".

“Imagine a young girl talking to herself in that bitter state of mind? Anything could have happened; God only used me,” Idolor said.

Success Adegor, the seven-year-old Primary 3 pupil, who never dreamt of her newfound status, seems to enjoy every moment of the unforgettable event as she is always at home with every visitors, no matter how highly placed but with a message that when she grows up she wants to be a lawyer.

Her Mother who was grateful for the turn around said "Just a few days ago, I was struggling to pay my children’s school fees from the little savings of my petty trade and my husband is an Okada rider. Just then, God intervened. One moment of ‘go home until you pay your exams fee’ by the headmistress of my daughter’s school and the viral video that followed suit changed our story from zero to hero."

"AY called. Mr Jollof came to see us from Warri. And before we knew it, the (Sapele) local government chairman, Chief Eugene Inoaghan, and Hon Ayemidejor came. Now we can’t sleep, or rest without our phones ringing or somebody knocking on our door”, the mother said.

Miss Success’ father, Mr Godwin Adegor, in an interview, described the success story of Success as a finger of God.

He noted that life has not been easy for him and his young family, remarking that there was a threat of quit notice from his landlord for their inability to pay the rent of the mud house they stay.

He explained that he was struggling to gather money to pay the children’s school levies before God, in split seconds, changed their story.

“I appreciate all Nigerians. Now, I understand the true meaning of the miracle. My dream is to see my children to the highest level of education,” the father of three said.

He added, “Mr Jollof took Success to a private school, enrolled her and bought books and bags for her but Success can’t attend the private school. The local government chairman has advised us to leave her at Okotie Eboh Primary School as Success is now like an ambassador of the school".

For those of you who haven't seen the video that went viral and lasted 28 seconds, here's how it happened.

Success appears with a frowning face as she is being interviewed by the lady/neighbour. The following conversation ensues:

Lady: You never pay (examination fee) na

Success: No be say I no go pay o. Dem go de pursue person instead of them to flog person; dem go de pursue person

Lady: Eh better now make dem flog you or make you go tell your mummy make dem…

Success: Make dem flog me, make dem flog me, dem go de flog me eh, the canning go tire, dem go flog flog so tay, the flog go tire dem. As dem say dem stubborn,I go tell dem say I stubborn pass dem (2x)

Hilarious right. See recent photos of Success and looking good and living the dream as she poses with popular comedians and actors on stage.

Success and Ay

Success and Seyi Law.

Photos of Success alone.

From Grace to grace... That shall be your case if you need a turnaround in your life.

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