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3 Things Chiwetalu Agu Failed To Understand After Asking That Nigeria Should Split

If you asked me whether a highly profiled actor like Chiwetalu Agu should have asked for Nigeria to split, I should perhaps have been surprised, because the thought of anything of sorts, shouldn't have been projected from the veteran actor, given his vast years of experience and knowledge. 

Recall that, after his release from being arrested by the Department of State Security Services (DSS), over an accusation that he wore a regalia that bore a semblance with the Biafra flag, veteran actor Chiwetalu Agu had suggested that Nigeria will be better at splitting than staying together. 

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Notwithstanding, I suppose the Enugu born veteran actor might have made such a statement either too hastily or as a result of the nasty situation he might have found himself at that moment; otherwise he should have understood carefully that a thought of Nigeria separating is never a patriotic idea, and shouldn't even come to mind.

 Nollywood Chiwetalu Agu would never have bought the idea of Nigeria splitting if he ever thought of or understood the following: 

1. That not all Igbos support Biafra/separation

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 No doubt, Chiwetalu Agu had clarified himself that he never supported Biafra with the attire he was arrested on, however, calling for splitting is also on the contrary. 

Meanwhile, one other thing the actor had probably failed to observe is that only a few portions of the Igbos are in support of Biafra or splitting and not the majority. 

2. It is not good for the movie industry 

The movie industry is even one of the great channels through which all tribes in Nigeria have been unanimously brought together. So, why will anyone ask for a split that can even affect the movie industry and the people who make their ends meet and entertain the audience better through it, but by staying together?

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3. The Igbos, with their businesses are scattered all over. 

Hardly will you see anywhere, where the Igbos have not spread across to, making huge impacts. 

Although, it is understandable that some quarters of the nation are agitating for separation as a result of a lack of equity in leadership or allocation of positions.

Nevertheless, I believe it is unwise for anyone, especially the Igbos, who even have their businesses scattered all over the places in the country to start asking for separation. That will never bring any solution to whatever problem the nation or people in it may be facing currently, will it? 

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