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He showed his sympathy for the Biafrans, here is what John Lennon did

John Lennon would be remembered for making a bold step during the Nigerian civil War. This English singer returned his MBE award back to the Queen of England in protest against the war in biafra. The MBE award is an award given for an outstanding achievement or service to the community. It is considered an award that has a long-term, significant impact in the English community, and John Lennon was lucky enough to have gotten one but this man returned it in his sympathy for the Biafrans.

John expected the great Britain to intervene in the war as it was becoming an act of genocide against the people of the East.

Unfortunately, this man was murdered on the 8th of December 1980, at around 5 p.m. when he was shot five times on his back by David Chapman, an American criminal.

Chapman after killing John Lennon, stayed behind at the murder scene, reading a novel until he was arrested by the police. Chapman gave his reasons for killing John Lennon.

He said he had been planning to kill John Lennon three months before the murder, and that the murder plan was fueled after John Lennon claimed that his music band "The Beatles" was more popular than Jesus Christ. He claimed that John Lennon was blaspheming against Jesus Christ.

John Lennon started turning away from Christianity after he witnessed several war reports, such as the biafran war where he assumed that the loss of life to such a great extent was not necessary, and that there was no use for Christianity because it's existence never created peace. Not everyone could do what he did, and he will be remembered for it.

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