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I Trusted My Best Friend But What I found In His Bag Made Me Wish I Never Did (Fiction)

They say show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.I come from a middle class family, we are neither poor nor rich,Early in the morning,my parents will come to my room,preach to me the word of God and advice me against many things which include making friends.They have always been against making friends especially the ones you don’t know their background.

When I was in secondary school,I promised myself never to have a friend,I said to myself I will never date a girl too,just to be free from any form of Drama my parents warned me about,I don’t talk when I am in the midst of people and I go home straight after the closing bell has been rung.I left secondary school and secured an admission into the University of Ibadan,I was so happy because I know it was a step forward in my life,I decided to keep to my way of living,I mean,not having friends.

I successfully ignored the presence of people in my 100 level but it became harder as time goes by,when I moved to 200 L,I met a guy,he supports the same football club as me, Chelsea Fc and his love for Cristian Pulisc is undeniable which made me feel attached to him.We started talking about football and Chelsea Fc at first and with time,we became good friends.

200 L second semester we rent an apartment and started living together.In the long run,I noticed something about Kunle (my friend),he goes after any girl he likes,when ever a girl passes by,Kunle will always have the second and third glance,I wouldn’t talk because I I never want to annoy him.He will invite different ladies to our apartment,beg me to sleep in the living room while they stay together all night.I endured this for 200L and expected it to stop in the long run which didn’t,he continued in 300 L and in a week,he came home with 4 different ladies.Shocking right? Yes I know. I finally made up my mind to get another apartment but I kept the idea to myself.

So one day,after he was done with a girl in the room,he accompanied her to the nearest Junction to jump the next available bike,he left his Waist bag in the room.I couldn’t find my 1000 note,I felt disturbed because it was my last card,I started searching for it and I thought yeah,Kunle took it,I went in the room and search his waist bag and to my surprise,I found something different.I found a small piece of paper which looked like something was wrapped inside of it,I quickly check to see what was inside and I found a ring.i couldn’t close my mouth because where I come from,I understand that type of package is never natural.Kunle returned and found me in the room with his waist bag staring at his ring.

He quickly snatch it off my hand and place it back in the paper,I demanded an explanation and it was the shocking thing I have ever heard.He said all the ladies didn’t follow him home naturally,he do find a way to touch any part of their body with that evil ring,if the ring touches any part of a lady’s body as small as the finger tip,she will obey anything he says 

Now the alarming aspect of the matter was that every lady he uses that ring to lure,they will start having sex in their dreams with evil spirits,oh God,this shocked the hell of out me,and the remedy to that ,obviously hard.He needs to bury the ring and after 5 days he will go mad and he will be in that condition for 2 weeks before his brains can be restored,he started crying and explained how he was tricked into wielding that sort of power by a friend he met in 100 L,he begged not to expose him because he does not want to go mad.

Please I need your advice,Should I expose him and be forced to bury the ring and go mad? The ladies will be free that way.Or should I keep shut and let the ladies suffer in their dreams which will actually ruin their lives.Please visit the comment box and let me know what you think.


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