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She Is Upset Because These Shoes She Ordered Online Got Delivered But They Did Not Fit Her Legs.

She expressed herself on social media and didn't know that it was going to go viral, that is the beauty and power of the social media. For different reasons, people found the situation very amusing. She is an erotic creator and for racy violation, I had to crop out her photo but see how people reacted before I show you the image of the shoes. It reminded me of the Cinderella storey where the shoe didn't fit her sisters.

She did talk about her shock over the post going viral and used the opportunity to advertise herself.

Someone also expressed herself that she had a similar scenario, ordering for a gown and something less than her expectation was delivered. It can be very disappointing, especially if the event or occasion you need it for is close and you really depended on it.

Shopping online has made life a lot more easier but if there is a mistake, it makes the whole platform look discouraging, especially if it is your first time. Sadly, many people experience these mistakes and the situation they find themselves in makes it almost unforgivable.

Imagine if this lady ordered these shoes for her wedding and it got delivered the day before the wedding, it would have been hard to comprehend how she will feel. Before the whole process of reporting and reprocessing the order is done, time would have elapsed.

The shoes she ordered came in and it was a disappointment. She really had every right to be upset as she said because it doesn't look to me like something she can manage to rock. Her legs are far too long for the shoes.

Have you received any item you ordered online and they didn't size you?

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