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Cute Photos Of Alexx Ekubo And IK Ogbonna Serving Us Friendship Goals

Friendship is a two way street not a one way road. The prove of friendship is companionship, when the both parties don't find it difficult to be for each other at all time. Alexx Ekubo and IK Ogbonna has been very good friends for quite a long time now and they are not ready to end their friendship anytime soon.

Truth be told, life has a way of bringing two similar people together and make them so attracted to themselves that one would hardly notice their difference. Alexx Ekubo and IK Ogbonna are both nollywood actors who has featured in many Nigerian movies. The duo has made a name in the nollywood industry due to their hardwork and consistency.

Ogbonna is currently married with a son while his best friend Alexx Ekubo is still battling with a failed relationship. However, as the saying goes "every disappointment is a blessing", few days after his disengagement was announced by his fiancee to be, Alexx Ekubo made a name for himself after he obtained a Ph.D certificate in Benin Republic. The news of his recent achievement waved away his failed relationship with fiancee.

However, despite all the perils surrounding the life of the Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo, his friend Ogbonna has never stopped standing by his side. IK Ogbonna was sighted in the convocation ceremony of Alexx Ekubo held in Benin Republic, not only that, they do feature in movies together and share things in common. This is a pure and true example of a friend indeed.

In conclusion, it is good and mandatory we choose the kind of friends that surrounds us. Most at times, our association limits or promotes us, when one is surrounded with friends with low mentality, there's no way such a person can grow. Like in the case of Alexx Ekubo and IK Ogbonna, they both belong to the same class and this alone makes their bond inseparable.

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