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See reactions as a man on Twitter outlines the roles of women in the society

Gender based roles have become a very heated discussion in our present day society. People are quick to issue roles to others without even giving them a chance to speak for themselves. This is the case of this young man who has decided in his infinite wisdom and understanding to defined the roles of women in the society.

In his post, he said that the major role of women in the society is to bear and raise children. He went further to state that they are not supposed to pursue careers or money, and that ant woman who goes through that path may end up unhappy.

Reacting to this post, a man on Twitter had this to say, "People need to stop generalizing. If you want a woman who would sit at home, deliver children and rear them, there are enough women out there.

If you want a career woman, there are enough out there too. Just choose the one that you can handle."

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