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Funny Pictures and Jokes to Make Your Night

Jokes is the food of the soul and jet to happiness, let see some interesting Jokes that will definitely make your night interesting.

The easiest way to meet your Ancestor is simple, drive to the Army Ballack and slap 2 soldiers at a time you will thank me later.

To date a girl without phone is the most difficult job one can get, you will have to walk round the house Several times before seeing her.

Please those ladies that sit at the front row should learn how to close their legs while sitting down Yesterday I almost forgot my testimony.

Don't be a boring girlfriend sometimes, Wash your boyfriend laptop and his I phone 11, you will thank me later.

Maturity is when you can sleep with your yogurt open, believe me some people will wake up by 2 am to take a sip.

Nothing pain pass after dancing for 30 minutes and you are giving hey holders as your price.

Let see some funny pictures

Have a peaceful night rest and weekend Ahead

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Army Ballack


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