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Zee World Fans: Photos of The Most Handsome Actor Ever In The History of Zee World

Zee World has become one of the most watched DStv channel in Nigeria, the channel has grown from strength to strength since its launch in 2015.

So many exciting and intriguing movies have been shown on the channel that has made several Nigerian's have a deep likeness for the channel.

Movies like Twist of Fate, Reach for The Stars, Lies of The Heart, Age is Just A Number, Sacred Ties, The Vow, This is Fate and Zindagi Ki Mehek popularly known as "Mehek" has kept many glued to their TV screens day and night.

Many pretty actors and actresses have also graced the Zee World channel in the last five years but among this actors and actresses some have stood out to be quite pretty and down to earth than their other collegues.

Mehek starred some of the most beautiful and handsome faces in Bollywood, faces like Samiksha Jaiswal who played the role of Mehek,Yash Gera who played the role of Aarush and Karan Vohra who played the role of "Shaurya Harish Khanna" in the movie.

Shaurya swept many ladies off their feet both with his beauty and charismatic acting skill.

In fact some ladies only watched Zee World because they wanted to see their crush "Shaurya" in Mehek, arguably Shaurya is the most handsome actor ever to have appeared on the Zee World channel.

Below are 6 amazing facts about "Shaurya" that you never knew.

1. His real his Karan Vohra

2. He was born in Delhi, India on the 5th of January 1984.

3. Asides from acting he is also a well known fashion designer, model and fitness trainer in India.

4. He is currently married to a airline worker who trains pilots in India.

5. In 2008 he contested in Mr India world pageant.

6. He is a lover of pets, most especially dogs and he also owns an animal health club in India.

From some of the facts above and how he acts in movies with such a great level of finesse, we can all agree that Shaurya is an amazing person both on the screen and off the screen.

Below are photos of Karan Vohra (Shaurya) that proves that he is the most handsome actor ever in the history of Zee World.

If you disagree with my opinion that "Shaurya" is the most handsome actor ever in the history of Zee World, you can say your opinion and pin point who you feel is or should be the most handsome actor ever in Zee World history.

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Content created and supplied by: Timilwrytes (via Opera News )

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