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2 Things Ubi & Lilian Esoro Did At Their Son's Party That Every Divorced Couple Should Learn From

Fans of Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro took to social media to react after seeing them together again few months after their divorce. The reason why they were both seen together again was to celebrate the birthday of their five year old son Jayden.

Jayden - Ubi & Lilian Esoro's Son

Lilian Esoro And Ubi Dancing At Their Son's Birthday PartyThe celebrity marriage of Ubi Franklin and actress Lilian Esoro hit the rocks in October, 2016 just a year after they tied the knot in 2015. Although Lilian Esoro had not revealed the real reason why she no longer wants the marriage with Ubi, it was reported however that the marriage had lost its spark and couldn't be salvaged. Their marriage was finally dissolved on Thursday January 28 at a high court.

After the divorce, Ubi and Lilian unlike some celebrity couples who demand sole custody of their children to probably get back at their partner, worked theirs out for the sake of the son they have together. They have shown so much maturity by coming together to be there for their son despite being divorced. It is because of this that I have outline 2 things that they did that every divorced couple should learn.

1) Divorce Is Not An Avenue To Get Back At Your Partner:

Illustrative Purpose - Alamy Stock PhotosYes, it is a divorce and not an avenue to get back at your partner. Your children should be the fighting tool to carry out your selfish needs. Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro may no longer be together and may have mixed feelings for each other, but it doesn't stop them from coming together to perform their parental duties.

Illustrative Purpose- Alamy Stock PhotosOne of the people that are easily affected by divorce is children. The impact would become more hurtful and deep if they divorced parents are always at each others neck. We must learn to put off our own selfish desires and prioritize our children first. Ubi and Lilian are good examples of such good divorced parents.

2) Allow Each Other Play Their Parental Roles: There is a reason why God made a male and a female, this is because each have different roles to play. One gender cannot perform excellently well in the two roles, something must be missing.

For Illustrative Purpose - Alamy Stock PhotosUbi Franklin and Lilian Esoro allowed each other to play their parental roles in their sons life without social media drama or validation. It's shows how much they value the child they have together and are willing to though still divorced,put their differences aside to make sure that their different parental roles is not missing in their sons life.

That one is divorced does not mean they restrict each other in their children's life. Jayden, son of Ubi and Lilian was so happy to have both of his parents help blow out candles on his fifth birthday party and make prayers and wishes for him. I believe this two things that they have shown the world, should emulate other divorced couples who have children to do better and be better co-parents to their children.

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Lilian Esoro

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