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A Song by Ada Ehi titled, "See what the Lord has done"

"See what the Lord has done" is a song sung by the gospel musician, Ada Ehi, a year ago. You might be wondering why I'm writing about such an old song. I tell you, this song is beautiful beyond description. I have this song on replay on my phone. Beautiful words. Inspiring messages flow through this song. More importantly, her voice is breathtaking. You all know the popular Ada Ehi who uplifts people with her soulful song.

The song makes us realize how much God has done for us and how He'll continue to do more. This song is simply heavenly. I would call this song an antidepressant therapy. I'm not trying to promote this song or the artist. I'm simply letting you in on what just one song did for me.

I was going through a hard time facing unrequited love. I felt bad, low self esteem flushed my whole body and I thought I could never come out of the shame I've sunk so deep in. I was miserable, not because this person didn't love me back. I simply felt bad for myself for looking desperate. Simply put, hard girl like was depressed and couldn't even pray. I don't want to go into all the details. But part of the reason I felt so sad and bitter was how I allowed myself to be disrespected. Yeah, the guy saw me finish. 'See finish' was my end, so I thought.

And then, YouTube recommended 'See what the Lord has done'. Reluctantly, I clicked on the video and I was wowed. Suddenly, all my pain and depression seemed like nothing to worry about and vanished into thin air. I was engulfed with joy and happiness; nothing short. Her voice made everything better. Prior to that time, I've been a fervent listener of her songs, but this was different.

I just thought to share a lil something. You might want to check out this song for your mental health. I'm not saying anything is wrong with your mental health. You may be fine all round, but this song will take you higher!

Thank you to all my readers💃

Content created and supplied by: DebbyJ_writes (via Opera News )

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