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"Be careful with Online Purchases" - See what this Lady ordered and what was delivered to her.

The Inception of the Internet has many advantages like aiding in medical research, Information, Knowledge, learning, Entertainment, connectivity, Shopping, etc. and likewise, many disadvantages too. One of the significant benefits of the Internet is that it has Made Shopping easier for people. These days one can simply relax comfortably in his or her home and order for goods or any products online and have it delivered to their doorstep, thus eliminating the several challenges associated with Physical shops.

But in these benefits, there are still some flaws, especially when it has to do with online shopping. Buying things online can be risky. Most times, since you are not there to inspect what you are buying, they are likely to deliver a fake product or an undersized shoe or clothes to you. The case of this lady is a no different case.

The lady identified as Scotty Unfamous on Twitter ordered a pair of shoes online from Aliexpress, a popular Chinese merchant shop, but instead, what she got wasn't what she bargained for; it was down below her size.

According to her on a tweet said that she was quite upset upon opening her package and noticing that the shoes that were delivered to her were down below her size.

Here are pictures of the shoes

Meanwhile, some of her fans and Followers on the Microblogging platform took turns on the comment box to make hilarious comments while advising her to be careful and to always necessary inquiries about sizes and reviews from sellers before ordering.

Here are some reactions.

What do you think about this shoe?

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