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Meet The 5 Strongest gods In The Yoruba Land.

The Yoruba people have their own mythological beliefs and God's they worship. Today I shall be giving you a list of the 5 most powerful diety gods in the Yoruba land.

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1. Olodumare;

According to the Yoruba mythology, Olodumare created all other god's and as such is the supreme god and also stands as the most powerful god in the Yoruba mythology.

2. Obatala;

According to yoruba mythology, Obatala is the second most powerful god after Olodumare. He created the human race and ruled as the King of Ife.

3. Orunmila;

Orunmila is the Yoruba 'god of wisdom, knowledge and divination'. He is the third most powerful Yoruba orisha.

4. Ogun;

Ogun is the Yoruba god of war and iron. He was the first King of Ife and was also a great warrior while he was on Earth.

5. Sango;

Sango is the final god on this list. He is the Yoruba god of Thunder and Lightning. He is the most worshipped god in the Yoruba land today.

Other gods and goddesses in the Yoruba land are; Esu, Osun etc.

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