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Don't Embarrass Yourself in Public, See The Difference Between Video, Film and Movie.

NB: Names of movies here and pictures are used only for illustrative purposes.

First off, I must say that the three look very same and it's almost safe and correct to say they're same. But, they just have slight difference(s).

While video could be any television show; like a movie, picture stories, recordings from a video camera etc. It could be with or without sound. NB: our phone video player is a TV. 

On the other hand, Film and movie are very much same with almost no difference.Both are picture recordings made in a sequential manner (as in, in an organized manner...the first followed by the 2nd etc), which are then played on a screen at a speed enough to create an understandable motion or movement. 

So summary is, video is movie/film in display. As in, movie is the recorded movements or motions while video is the display of those recorded motions on the TV. Movie is like a detailed explanation of what goes on in a video. 

So, if you are watching a news broadcast on NTA for instance, it's a video and a movie/film as well. While the recording which is the movie/film is going on in the news studio, you're watching the video of it from your TV.  

So, for instance, if you say you are watching a Money Heist movie or film, you are right. If you say you are watching a Merlin video, or Merlin movie or video of the Merlin movie, It's all correct. They three words can be used interchangeably.

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