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Opinion: What Boma should have considered before engaging in an altercation with Angel

Few days ago, Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates, Boma and Angel, engaged in an altercation which ended up creating a rift between them. According to Boma, he got pissed off when Angel used some vituperative words on him; and that prompted him to react. I think Boma failed to handle his issue with Angel properly. He should have considered certain things before engaging in an altercation with Angel.

photo credit:@Bbnaija Angel / Boma

Firstly, Boma should have considered his relationship with Angel. Before their altercation, Boma and Angel used to be close friends. They did a lot of things together which include sharing of bed, kissing and more.

photo credit:@Boma

Boma should have avoided an altercation with Angel considering the bond of friendship that existed between them. In a relationship, one has to play a fool to make things work. Two wrongs can never make a right. If Boma had ignored Angel, that would have prompted her to have a rethink of what she said to him and probably apologise.

photo credit:@Angel

Secondly, Boma should have ignored Angel considering his reputation and age.

Boma failed to understand that respect is not earned by age only, but also by one's level of composure. During their alteration, Boma mentioned that participating in the Big Brother reality show was Angel's greatest achievement. He also noted that Angel is about 15 years younger than him. Judging by his comment, he was trying to tell Angel that he has achieved a lot in life and they are not of the same level.

photo credit:@Angel

If Boma had ignored Angel, that would have earned him much respect from the viewers. Engaging in an altercation with a girl who is about 15 younger does not speak well of Boma's level of composure as a mature man.

Do you think that Boma was right to engage in an altercation with Angel?

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