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27 Hilarious memes to spice up your day (part 1)

23 Hilarious memes to spice up your day (part 1)

Hello guys, I am here again to give you very interesting memes and jokes to ensure that your day is spiced up. It's still your young man, Memeslord who has constantly and consistently been firing you up with hilarious and funny memes and jokes. As you all know, my memes and jokes are not just funny but also relatable. So they can be posted on social media and will be welcomed by all. That's the reason why you should follow me so that you don't miss a lot. So, without wasting our precious time, let's move straight to the memes section.



9101112131415. I still pity guys who are seeking relationship advice, my brother women are like local Rice if you like select from now still tomorrow. My bro.. you go still chop stone.

16. When WAEC result came out ,my neighbour's son had 4 E8 and 3 F9. He was told to ask me which school will accept such result... Well, I just advised him to try Sunday school. Only God can accommodate our weaknesses.

17. 3people you will never advise in life, A girl in love, A man with Money ,And African woman following a prophet

18. Welcome to Africa, where we save unknown number "Aaaaaaa" so that we can check their WhatsApp profile.

19. You tell an African to lower the TV volume They do it and slowly raise it back when you are not aware

20. Nothing disappears faster than spoons, one day you have 20,the next day there's only one which wasn't even one of the initial 20

21. Government has eased the interstate lockdown but my country people is saying they should open it fully, But if they open the lockdown fully where you wan go? 

22. Some guys will be like "I can not marry a dirty girl " but if you see their room a responsible Rat can not live inside. Nonsense

. My village people are attacking me through my phone... How can I been typing school and my phone is showing me suicide

. If you propose to your girlfriend and she did not cry my brother take back your Ring ,she is not serious.

. When you wear suit

America :wow ,you look nice on suit

Nigeria :hahahahahah ,pastor pastor ....We need deliverance in this country 

. You no get money no work, you no be anything you come get pride I pity you my friend, Idiot.

. I tell you, there's no privacy in Nigeria ,you will be using your phone in the bus and someone will say"bros abeg scroll up small make I see that girl picture well ". There's no country like Naija.

Thank you. It's still your boy the memeslord. I thank you all for bearing with my boring memes and jokes.

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