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Judge: Between this Yoruba Actress Tayo Sobola & Funmi Awelewa, Who is More Beautiful? (See Photos)

Be the Judge, Who is More Beautiful?

Well, Beauty has always been a great asset to Human being right since the start of the world. We have always seen pretty ladies around the world, beautiful women.

Beauty is an essential part of Human beings as many would go length just to look beautiful. Women are the fondest of being beautiful to look amazing to people around the world.

Women and even Men take their beauty and handsomeness to fashion they always keep to date about fashion trends around the world, most of the people want something very fashionable to even look more beautiful.

We have seen numerous of beautician companies coming into existence because of the insatiable wants for beauty throughout the world.

There are really beautiful ladies around the world, pretty and hot. We see them a lot, at the working place, schools, walkways, etc. One of the places that are amassed with beauties in Nigeria is Nollywood especially Yorubahood.

Yorubahood has a lot of beautiful actresses. They are pretty, endowed, hot! I would have loved to talk about them all but let's talk about two of them

Who is the most beautiful between Tayo Sobola(Lady Gaga) and Funmi Awelewa(Morili)?

Tayo Sobola

The beautiful lady of Yorubahood is one of the prettiest and wealthy actresses in Yorubahood. The beautiful lady always dresses to kill. She is one of the beautiful and Sophisticated Actress in Yorubahood.

Check out her pictures below

Funmi Awelewa

The beautiful Actress is one of the prettiest in Yorubahood. The fast-rising actress is really increasing her pace in the movie industry.

See her beautiful pictures

Now, Judge..... Who is More Beautiful between these two actresses?

Please comment below who you think deserves the most beautiful!


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Funmi Awelewa Tayo Sobola Yoruba


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