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Some Films You Won't Want To Watch If You Are Not Bold

Before total relaxation of the lockdown when work will start fully, you need to see these interesting movies that will make you see and understand what is going on beyond your country.

This article will tell us about some movies that displayed some event that is unimaginable.

War Dance

This shows some events going on in Uganda most especially the Northern part of Uganda among the Acholi tribe.

It illustrates real event and real people and what they faced during the raid of the Rebels that usually abduct small boys to the Rebels army. Despite all these tragedy, some young school students in the area determined not to let that hinder their progress in the music competition they went for in the capital state of Uganda. You really need to watch this movie. It's just about 300 MB. ( For those night sub lovers)

Black Hawk Down

This film talks about an actual event that occurs in Somalia East Africa in 1992. This event brought about famine in the land.

Also, Aidid declares war on UN peacekeepers. You really need to see how he faces them even with UN weapons.

100 Days

This film is a tragedy films that if you are emotional, you will not watch this movie because it shows the full length of genocide in Rwanda

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