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After spending over 500k for a mermaid tail, checkout how Christian Riel now looks. [Photos]

Once you have made your final decision and put it into action, it is necessary to evaluate the decision and the steps you have taken to ensure that it works.

Christian Riel has shown us how he successfully made his decision into reality, This young man is resident of Florida, United State of America, who's also a student in the college.

Right from childhood Christian Riel had a goal to be like princess 'Ariel' his favourite in popular Disney Television show 'The Little Mermaid'. This princess inspired him to be what he his now, where he now finds passion and love for waters.

Incase you couldn't recall 'Ariel'; she was a mermaid princess who longs for a different life, on the shore with humans. Everything about the human world fascinates Ariel, But the thing Ariel wants the most is to be noticed by the dashing young Danish Prince Eric.

Taking further steps, he spent over 1,120 British pound to purchase this custom-made mermaid tail, which would cost over 500 thousand in Naira currency.

Here is a photo of Christian Riel mermaid tale, when it's been hanged.

A sketch photo of his tale, which showcase front, back and side view.

Looking from his photos, he enjoys the way the tale enhances the experience of being in the ocean. Have a look at how Christian Riel now looks after he spent such amount of money for a mermaid tail.

See photos below

Riel often wears his tail to the beach or his private swimming pool and sometimes even in the bath.

In the other hand having a tail makes you so much faster in water.

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