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'Over Ten Artists Set to Drop Album in Nigeria' See Ranking and release Date.

Seems like every artist planned to dish out there work of art in the other half of the year. Well, considering the pandemic that took most of the first half, it's understandable. And I warn you... I repeat... I warn you! The rest of the year is going to be power packed. Here are the Top most anticipated body of work from recognized artists in Nigeria


10) Niniola

Album Title: Colors and Sounds

Label: Naija Review

Anticipated Release: September 2020

  On 16th of July , 2020, word got out from grapevine that singer, Niniola would release her album, Colors and Sounds in September 2020, which would make it her sophomore album. 

The album would be a follow-up to her critically-acclaimed debut album, 'This Is Me' which was released in 2017. The date of release is yet to be made public, but the album can be anticipated.

9) Adekunle Gold

Album Title: Afro-pop Vol. [Might have been changed]


Anticipated Release: August/September 2020

The singer himself announced that his third album, Afro-pop Vol. 1 is set to drop a few months down the line- that was when he released 'Young Love' in September of last year. The album never dropped, but Adekunle Gold has had a much better 2020, with three well-received singles than 2019.

A few days ago, even he couldn't hide his excitement at his new single. His new single, 'AG Baby ' sounds like a winner too. This album is eagerly anticipated because 'About 30' was not exactly well-received. Argument started that his brand influenced his album. Afropop Vol. 1 is where we can see the true measure of his rebrand.


8) Cuppy

Album Title: Original Copy

Label: Platoon

Anticipated Release: August 2020

Cuppy is one of Nigeria's most fast developing acts. From criticism related to her wealthy background to her opinions on feminism and even to supporting Arsenal- though she recently dropped them for Man united. But for the past two years, Cuppy has furtively rebranded from 'DJ' to 'Cuppy.'

She's also become more open and interactive on social media. The album looks set to be a 10+' track album with a lot of beautiful collaborations. This is anticipated because Nigerians are still being cynical towards Cuppy and they want to see what she will come up with.

7) Mayorkun

Album Title: Unknown

Label: DMW/Platoon

Anticipated Release: Final Quarter [Presumably]

  Honestly Mayorkun seems unpredictable. What we do know is that he's gearing up for something - whether his work is an album or an EP, nobody knows. Word on the street is also that he has already secured distribution. In 2020, he has already released three dope singles.

 Mayorkun is evolving and it obviously looks like he is testing waters plus it's been two years since his debut. Enough reason his album is much wanted.

6) Fireboy

Album Title: Unknown


Anticipated Release: Unknown

  When Olamide announced the distribution deal between YBNL Nation and EMPIRE in February 2020, he tweeted that fans should expect an album by Fireboy and himself. 

 Though Fireboy was silent for a few months, he recently released ‘ NYC Girl’ and that could signal plans for a new album. As he recently told during an interview that he recorded over 100 songs in one month so coming up with an album wouldn’t be a problem for him.


5) Davido

Album Title: A Better Time

Label: DMW/Columbia UK

Anticipated Release: August

At this point, it seems Davido is either dropping this because he understands the importance of a good discography as he takes the earliest steps into his veteran days or because he understands that if he sleeps, the new guard will take over.

Nonetheless, A Better Time is just what the specialist prescribed. A Good Time wasn’t at all spectacular, but A Better Time was initially scheduled for a July release-which was the same time Wizkid's album aught to have dropped too- but due to unclear reason it is is said to hit the public by August. It is rumoured to have some good tracks.

4) Burna Boy

Album Title: Twice As Tall

Label: Spaceship/Bad Habit/Atlantic

Anticipated Release: August

  A few weeks ago, legendary Nigerian rapper, iLLBliss talked about the album on social media. While the album was initially set for a July release, Burna Boy

who is currently Africa's most recognized artist looks to have moved the album till August or September 2020.

3) Tiwa Savage

Album Title: Celia

Label: Universal

Anticipated Release: September/October/November 

  Miss 'Kele Kele' a.k.a Mummy Jam Jam had a very frustrating 2019, but 2020 already looks positive with her new single, ‘Dangerous Love.’ A few months ago, she announced that her new album would be titled, 'Celia'.

Since she signed to Universal Music Group in 2019, this superstar has been afforded awesome promos. Expect this album to have maximum promo. This album is so material and anticipated because Tiwa Savage needs a good album more than ever. She doesn’t have a critically-acclaimed album under her belt yet.

Sugarcane EP was totally splendid but it was an EP.

2) Tekno

Album Title: Unknown

Label: Universal

Anticipated Release: September/October/November

  Ladies and gentlemen, this will be Tekno’s first debut project of any kind- album, EP or LP. While that sounds weird, it’s not. It speaks more to the reality of the singles market that we live in. As long as an artist have hit singles, artists can go for years without bodies of work. Tekno was hot in 2016 and he missed a rare opportunity.

Now, he wants to release an album. While the timing does seem absurd, he really does need something like this 

1) Wizkid

Album Title: Made In Lagos

Label: RCA UK/Sony

Anticipated Release: Unknown

  Nobody knows anything about this album. Nobody knows what 'Made In Lagos' is or when it will drop. What we do know is that no album is more anticipated than this album.

 Although words on the street has it that the songs are probably aiming for the international market considering his recent release 'Smile'.

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Content created and supplied by: Daniba (via Opera News )

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