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17 Photos That Will Make You Know That Fake Life Exist And Not Everything On Social Media Are Real

Professionally some people are very talented in photo snapping, editing and it's manipulation.

There are people who go online to share photos after it's being edited to pretend that they are in a place where they never dream just to fool the followers. This is very common scenario since social media became popular.

Have you ever see people who manipulated their photos to reflect they are inside an aeroplane? even if they never see one physically before.

This type of condition is called leaving a fake life by pretending to be what you are not.

There are some couple of photos you will see below which will make you understand that not everything on social media are actually real. Many are manipulated photos and images.

See them below. ( Before and after editing the photos)

(All photos for illustration)

Which of these photos look amazing to you? What do you think about these photos?

Credit: Keilsphotograhy

Content created and supplied by: megaphone (via Opera News )


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