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If You Are Not A Nigerian Guy or Man, This Message Is Not Meant For You, So Don't Open It!

A popular soundtrack by famous popstar, Beyonce, titled 'Runs the world (Girls), portrayed the power of women/ladies and the fact that the world revolves around them. A thorough look at recent events would give credence to the message the song passed across.

The Nigerian male folk is becoming an endangered species owing to the barrages of expectations placed on him by the society. These expectations range from the reasonable ones to the outrightly ridiculous ones.

Add to these expectations nowadays is this trend by some Nigerian ladies who have the 'entitlement' mentality. Stories abound of young men who would approach ladies and profess their love to them, only to be turned down because they lack the financial wherewithal to take care of such ladies.

Or is it the case of young men whose girlfriends' have turned to money making machines? Once you become an item with such ladies, you have to foot almost all the bills. You have to pay for their hairdos and other expenses.

Having these in mind, here are 3 important things/mentalities every Nigerian guy or man should have, in order to cope with the pressures that come from dealing with the unrealistic ladies:

Let Her Go If She Asks You This:

As a Nigerian guy, if you ask a lady out and the first thing she asks you is 'can you take care of me?', that should raise all sorts of red flags that the lady is one of the 'entitled' crew, who would end up bringing nothing to the table but milk you dry. So please, flee!

Have At Least One Evidence In Case She Accuses You Of Raping Her:

Recently, news was reported of a young man called Izu, who allegedly committed suicide because he was falsely accused of rape by a social media influencer by the name Nina.

Stories like that are becoming so rampant these days. A bitter ex might decide to teach you a hard lesson by falsely accusing you of rape, therefore, it is important that you have one or two evidences that could come handy and vindicate you if/when things go south.

She's Not Doing You A Favour Because She Agrees To Date or Marry You:

It is equally important to note that as a Nigerian guy, no lady is doing you a favour by agreeing to date or marry you because any relationship between two people is for the mutual benefits of both parties.

Some of these Nigerian ladies don't even bring anything to the table, no quality advice, no innovations; in fact, the only thing many of them can offer is only sex. Hence, why it is important to choose right and delete the mentality that you are being done a favour because she agrees to be your girlfriend.

Do you agree with me? Kindly let me know your opinions in the comment section. Also, dont forget to like, share and follow us.

Content created and supplied by: Jakeson (via Opera News )

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