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Celebrities you won't believe that actually have law degrees

Gerald ButlerRebel Wilson, and a bunch of many other stars, before they made their big break in Hollywood, had actually studied and practiced law. Isn’t it interesting and wonderful to know that some of your favourite stars had this side of them before set6y00tling down into stardom?

Scroll down a bit more and find out for yourself who among the many celebrities in Hollywood have pursued and even obtained law degrees.

Gerard Butler

Before he was King Leonidas of Sparta, Butler first earned the role of being the president of the law society at the law society at the University of Glasgow. In 1992 after he graduated with honors, Butler secured a spot for himself at one of Edinburgh’s top law firms until he finally made it clear with himself to chase his Hollywood dreams

Rebel Wilson

Wilson graduated from the University of New South Wales with a B.A in theatre and performance studies alongside a Bachelor of Laws long before she became a beloved starlet of the big screen. In 2015, the Australian native shared that she made her pivot to acting “after she hallucinated that she won an Oscar during a bout of malaria in Africa.

Andrea Bocelli

The Italian opera singer’s parents wanted him to pursue the field of law while he was studying at the University of Pisa. To earn a little extra cash before graduating and becoming a court-appointed lawyer, Bocelli performed in local piano bars. In the early 1990s when he finally got his big break in the music industry, Bocelli left the world of law – and since then, never looked back.

Gemma Chan

The Crazy Rich Asians actress earned a law degree from Oxford University, and later on was shocked to learn that her meticulous studies were very helpful in her gradual transition to acting. In March 2019, the actress shared that her course then helped her quite a lot with the memorization

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