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Zack Snyder's Justice League Vs 2017 Justice League: Which one is Better ?

The DC Universe has come across many obstacles in the cinematic universe.

Although their animation and series are very classic and have good story line. But the cinematic universe has been having many issues.

Despite this setback the movie industry has had some successful movies. In the likes of aqua man, Wonder woman, and Shazam.

The 2017 version of the justice league was seen as a flop in the movie world. The 2021 version of the justice league had a better plot and better CGI than the first justice league.

While the first movie focused more on Steppenwolf and his obsession with the mother box.

But the 2021 version have us an inside on the planet apocalypse which happens to be the home world of the tyrant darkseid.

The movie duration was 4 hours long as to explain the story line better and give more insides to the plot.

The new story line shows the how darkseid was defeated by an alliance of Atlanteans, Amazons, The old God's, and the tribes of men.

Which of the movies was abetter option for you. Was it the 2017 version or the 2021 version of the justice league.

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