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See the types of angels for every need; very important

An angel is a supernatural being in various religious and methodologies.Abrhamic religious often depict them an benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or heaven) and humanity, other roles includes protectors and guides for humans,and servant of God.

According to James Brent,op.2.6.20 an angel is being or substance who is pure spirit. Angel have intellect and will and so exercise knowledge and love,but they do not have bodies or live an embodied form of life.

Each angel is essentially a center of consciousness without a body, angels are conscious in a manner far beyond human beings, Since they do not have bodies,angels do not see,taste,smell,touch,hear, imagine,or recall sensory things. And they do not have sensory passions. For all of these activities and passions are the works of physical organs and the angels have no physical organs.

The following angels can be considered as angels for every need

1.Guardian Angels.

The most referend types of angels is the guardian angel. Perhaps you were told as a child that a guardian angel watched over you or as an adult you might have prayed in moment of desperation to your guardian angel for help.

The good news is guardian angels are not just a cultural conceit guardian angel are very real, and you have more than one.

Guardian angels are assigned to each human before birth and guardian angel take a scared oath to stay with you throughout your life.

2 flower Angels

Flower Angels are not only concerned with flowers,yet what better name for the angels who are the keepers and protectors of both nature and beauty..

Flower Angels are interse activits and try diligently to convince humans to do the right thing by the earth urging us through thoughts and feelings to take action and develop a story environmental conscious.


Guardian angels may be the most well-being know angels,but Archangels are probably the most intimidating and revered, Archangels like Michael,Ariel,Haniel,Uriel and Gabriel are embody an archetype.

Archangels Michael is a warrior angel often pictured with a sword of light. He is a protector who walks beside us when we are facing a big challenge.

4 Helper Angels

Helper Angels are roaming around just hoping someone will hire them in other words,ask for their intercession when you summon a helper angel they will stay with you until the project is completed. If you're looking for the perfect prom dress and hireva personal shopping angel,that assignment could only take your helper angel a couple of hours to complete

5. Star angels

Star angels help you manifest soul dreams,the goals that your divine higher self came to accomplish and experience.

Star angels also assist you in discerning a soul dream from a goal that might take you off your path or simply be a distraction. Star angels are excellent at bringing people and opportunities into your life that will jumpstart your dreams.

In my next write up we shall look at power Angel,messenger angels, angels of Mercy,abudance angels. Stay safe

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