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20 ZEE WORLD Actors And Actresses We'll Always Remember [Photos]

20 ZEE WORLD Actors We will Remember always

Zee world has so many episodes and movies. Zee world can be found in channel 25 of GOTV. It's full of entertainment. If you follow the updates everyday you will find it interesting.

Though I don't watch all their movies, but from the ones I have watched, let me show you some actors and actresses that we will always remember. Some movies you can see on Zee world includes: The Heir, Gangaa, Lies Of The Heart, Mehek, Zara's Nikar, Age Is Just A Number, Fear Flies, The Vow, Twist of Fate, Ring of Fire etc

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1. Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani is a Zee World actor, he is a lawyer who never compromised his standard for once despite all he passed through. He was born in Mumbai on 5th March, 1974. He played the role as Niranjan Chaturvedi.

He is Sagar's father and husband of Madhvi. He took Gangaa as his own daughter, he trusted her more than he trusted himself and can go any length to defending her.

2. Sameeksha Jaiswal

Sameeksha Jaiswal is an actress in Zee world movies. She is Shaurya's wife. She was born on 2nd November, 1991 in Indore. She's from Indian. Infact I really love acting. I wish they will be doing it everyday. She acted as Mehek.

Although she pass through difficult times in her marriage, she remained faithful.

3. Vishal Vashishtha

Vishal Vashishtha is also a Zee world actor who played the role of Sagar. He is Gangaa's boyfriend. See his picture with Gangaa below

4. Akshay Dogra

He acted as Jagan Pawaniya in "The Heir". He is a no nonsense man and can be easily bribed.

5. Karan Vohra

He acted as Shaurya in "MEHEK". He is a very strong man. He's Mehek's husband in the movie. He was born on January 5, 1983 in Delhi, India.

6. Amaa

She acted as Amaa in "GANGAA". She doesn't tolerate nonsense also, she upholds every of their religion to the core. She's Sagar's grandma.

7. Urmi (Neha Marda)

She's Samart's first wife in "LIES TO TH HEART" but later divorced Samrat to her confidant and friend, Ishaan who loves and understands her unlike Samrat, that doesn't care.

8. Samrat (Mohit Malik)

He never respects anyone, be you his mother or father. He is Shaurya's father in "LIES OF THE HEART". He later committed some after confessing his sins to Ishaan's family.

Samrat never fails to plot evil against his fellow human being. Once you see him sitting like this, know that his plans are working as expected.

9. Gangaa (Aditi Sharma)

She's Sagar's best friend from childhood. She is also a widow. She never tell lies no matter the situation. She is always out to profer solution to Niranjan's family problems.

She's also Sagar's second wife and Krishna's mother.

10. Yash

He also acted in "GANGAA" as Yash. He also plotted evil with Jhanvi to ruin Gangaa's life, but his little plans keeps failing.

11. Jhanvi

She is Sagar's new friend after he came back from the University. But Sagar's love can never diminish as it seems to grow stronger despite the challenges. Jhanvi always plots her evil with Yash.

12. Shaurya

The little smart boy acted as Shaurya in "LIES OF THE HEART". He is Samrat's son.

13. Aunt Suda

She's also a widow, she lives in the widow home. Their lives have been made difficult ever since their husbands left them.

14. Ishaan (Vibhav Roy)

He is a lawyer and Urmi's confidant. He was the one Urmi later got married to after divorcing Samrat. Sadly enough, he later died in the movie while trying to save Samrat.

15. Maharaj (Sunil Jaitley)

16. Ruhana Khanna

She is the little Gangaa who later came back as Krishna. She is Sagar's best friend.

17. Yash's mother

18. Bulbul

She's an actress in Twist of Fate.

19. Pragya and Albhi

They are both couples in Twist of Fate.

20. Madvi

She's Sagar's mother and wife of Niranjan Chaturvedi.

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