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Dark Pleasure Episode 1

This is a fictitious story about two young lovers who were ready to take their relationship to the next level but a huge secret from the past weighs heavily on their happiness. Relax as you journey into their story and do not forget to share with your loved ones. Enjoy🤗🤗

"Now guys, we're taking it from the T-O-P!!!!!. GET UP!!!!!. Don't be tired guys we're almost through". Grunts of disapproval swept across the room as everyone struggled to get up. It was indeed hectic day for "D-SQUADERS" as members of "D-SQUAD" are called. D-SQUAD is one of the most prominent dance troupe in the country located right in the center of Lagos, they've received so many awards and recognitions home and abroad. Upcoming dancers and students are usually eager to learn from them. 

  Drum rolls digidigidigidigidigidigigbam!!!! 

"To your formations!!!" Bros T the leader of "D-SQUAD" calls as the rehearsal went into full swing and dancers exerted every ounce of their strength in the dance. Performance is coming up in two weeks' time so they have to be fully prepared. After rehearsing the songs and dance sequence with the drummers for the umpteenth time, they all dispersed to their various houses.

   "See you on Wednesday!", Lolade calls out to fellow instructors and the dancers as she made her way out of the arena to the dressing room where she changed from her rehearsal kits to a floral patterned blue gown with matching sandals and bag and her black beads, he had given her the beads the day she accepted his request to be his lover and made her promise to wear it always even when asleep. Ololade is indeed a beauty to behold with an innocent round face, smooth and silky fair skin, bright expressive eyes, full lips, black lustrous hair which she styled into a bun today, and a fully endowed figure. Coupled with her beauty are good moral attributes which makes her a toast to all and sundry. She sprayed a good dose of "Juiced berry" on herself and preened a bit before the dressing mirror before she made her way out.

Stay tuned for the next episode and do not forget to drop your comments. May the good Lord keep you and yours. Much love🤗🤗

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