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See How Chief Imo Covered Chinyere Udoma With An Umbrella While She Performed Under The Rain

One thing I like about Chief Imo is that his childhood upbringing (positive), speaks much about his attitude towards his carrier and believe me, he is doing well in his comedy shows/comedy industry, that is because his parents or guardians trained him well.

If you have been opportune to see him or come in contact with him, it means you have seen someone who is friendly, jovial, well mannered, humble and one who was raised from grass and God blessed him with sufficient grace.

When you listen to his life history via YouTube, you would understand better his success story. It is rare to see a Nigerian artists that was born with a silver spoon or any public figure who could sacrifice what Chief Imo did to Chinyere Udoma when she was performing in an occasion probably funeral among others.

I took my time and watched a video clips shared by Chief Imo on his Instagram page. In that video, Chinyere Udoma was seen doing what she knows how to do best (singing), probably rain started drizzling unannounced and Chief Imo been a loyal colleague, took it upon himself and assisted by covering the gospel artist, Chinyere Udoma with an umbrella while rain was soaking some parts of his cloth.

What he did was a definition of humanity to me and not an eye service, as I would not know what/how you would define your own humanity. He stood and make sure Chinyere finished singing, and with cheerfulness written on his face.

He is known with this decent character and more, and it has really peeved way for him, while he did not stop doing so because he's now financially balance and popular, but his still exhibiting it to the core and it shows that it is in him.

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