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Groom Wants To See Bride For First Look And When He Turns Around, What He Saw Stunned Him

The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time is often one of the most emotional. After months of preparation, this is the instant he will get to look upon the woman he's chosen to love for the rest of his life as his wife.

While many people arrange for a photographer to capture the moment, others find it another example of overexposure in modern culture. 

Whatever your take is, you'll be happy someone was around to document the moment Tom Gardner saw his bride, Elizabeth Rex Hundley, and her unconventional approach.

Tom was ready to see his wife-to-be. The photographer, Jon Murray, from North Carolina, arranged the perfect shot with the groom's back to the camera, reports CNET. Tom was none the wiser as his bride snuck up on him in a shocking get-up.

You can tell from the video that there's no short supply of fun in this relationship. The laughter from Tom as he lays eyes on his bride's ensemble is contagious, and he can't help but shake his head as his wife asks, "Are you mad at this?"

How could he be? Any man would be lucky to have such a fun, carefree wife. Ask any couple and they'll tell you a sense of humor is key to maintaining a long-lasting relationship. We're sure Tom and Beth won't have any problem in that department.

Check out the big surprise for yourself in the video and make sure to tell us about any funny wedding stories you have! We'd love to hear about any antics you've witnessed or pulled off yourself!

Watch the video in the link below:

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