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Nigerian Celebrity Friendships - 3 Reasons why they don't last.

One form of unlikely friendships formed is the ones celebrities have. Yes, we know celebrities who claim other celebs are their friends but it's more of an acquaintance thing than real friendship. And it's not even a gender based issue, both the men and women are guilty of this. Ever wonder why this happens? Well, having hung out with Nigerian celebrities for many years now, I think I'm in the best place to tell you why. I'll break it down to you in 3 reasons below..


Envy plays a vital role in making sure celebrities can't enjoy good friendships because they are busy wishing they had what the other already has. Either it's the money they envy or how their fans react to them or even something as petty as looks. Envy is the bedrock of every budding friendship that has crashed. Think about it - D'banj and Durella? Blackface and Tuface?


Whether you believe it or not, celebrities are some of the most insecure people who seek validation from strangers also known as fans. They need to be told regularly how good they are and how loved they are to be able to function, or something. Now, you can't expect another celebrity to leave his own ego at the door to praise another celebrity when they both have shaky fragile egos, do you? So how do you expect there to be a budding relationship between them either? This is more rampant among female celebrities though. Especially in the acting world, they fake the hugs and smiles for the camera but behind closed doors they can't stand each other because their insecurities lead them down the path straight to envy. Next thing you know, secrets are flying all over the place making headlines. Sad.

3.The Media

The final reason why celeb friendships don't work in Nigeria is the media. Yes, we cause most of the problems here. Why do we feel the need to pit them against each other in silly contexts like "like for Wizkid and retweet for Davido"? There once was a time when even these two stars I just mentioned started to hate on each other publicly just because the media suggested they should. No beef prior oh, just suggestive reasoning out of joblessness and a fan war was birthed. The media adds fuel to already simmering embers and even fan the flames a bit just to sell headlines, not caring who gets burnt.

Now, I'm not saying that some celebrities haven't succeeded in being friends and staying friends but, those are the exceptions to the rule. Do a full mind check and you'll see that the number of celebrities who are real friends are of a lesser percentage than those who have already fallen out. In my opinion, I think it's safer to stay friends with those who don't crave the spotlight as much as you do if you're a celebrity, so you have someone who really has your back and not someone who will drop you at the first sight of any form of issues or argument.

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