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I got drunk while celebrating my birthday and this happened (fiction).

It was my birthday last week, so I decided to host my friends and other invited guest, I got everything needed for a classy party, knowing my part will be graced by the presence of well endowed, happening girls, rocking life in my town, though I wished never celebrating my birthday, after the ugly outcome of my birthday party, it was contrary to what I planned it to be. 

I was regarded as one amongst the fine boys in the hood where I reside. 

My fame as a local comedian, placed me in the good book of most ladies in my town, my friends envied me, and wished they had same effect on ladies as I did. 

I could possibly make ladies laugh out their guts, just by passing funny compliments to them, on the streets or wherever I deemed necessary, making me the talk in the mouth of ladies. 

Ladies practically rush to behold my presence or try make me friends with them, when in public, for that my male friends were always around me, for the privilege of free access to classy ladies. 

Well, if there was one thing I obviously wasn't good at, is taking of alcoholic drinks, which my friends knew about. 

It finally was my birthday, people trooped into the venue, in their numbers, my friends brought other guys and their girlfriends, and my female friends did same, I had the privilege of having people who came uninvited, I actually wanted to gather a lot of persons, so I could crack some jokes to their hearing, thereby bringing to their knowledge my online channel where they could always have me do what I do best (jokes). 

The party started, but before I had the chance to unleash my jokes on my guests, I was overwhelmed by the alcohol my friends made me consume, way above my gauge, for one who never had alcoholic bottles for a usual friend. 

It happened that the girl I was unto, came to my party, as we discussed in front of my friends, she asked if I was good with drinking, and my guys responded randomly, saying “yes” on my behalf, so I couldn't tell her the truth, because it was clear, if I did, I would appear to be less of a Man she expected me to be, my friends called me aside and urged me to take the lead on the bottles of alcohol, making sure she doesn't drink more than I did. 

So she asked for some bottles of alcoholic drinks, we started drinking over a discussion, in no time she had finished four bottles, I thought to myself, I needed to be on the lead, else she would conclude I am not man enough for her. 

I ended up taking alcohol way over any gauge I would wish taking on a usual day. 

I felt like I was rolling on the surface of the earth, at that awful moment I was called to take the stage, when I got up, I didn't take up to 20 seconds, I was on the floor, laughing to my own jokes up in my head, people started laughing thinking it was a planned way to storm the stage.

It became obviously clear to them, what my true state was, when I started vomiting right on the floor.

The place took a turn around, as my invited guest started capturing me on camera, I was so messed up, that didn't know when the lady I was unto left. 

I was busy on the floor, sitting like one without place in the room. 

My birthday party didn't go well as I planned, because the hilarious effect I had on both the guys and ladies in my hood, seemed to have faded away.

The lady of my dreams who graced my party with her presence, wouldn't take my calls or reply my message. 

Is it my guys or the lady who pushed me into this? I hope my career is not dented. 

Please, say what you think about this ugly experience I had. 

Content created and supplied by: Ovie_Ohwovoriole (via Opera News )


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