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Reactions From Facebook, After A Little Girl Said Her Mum Is A Pig For Calling Her A Pig(Video)

Children nowadays are not just smart but are also verbal when it comes to speaking their minds.

Gone are the days when kids will be obedient to their parents and even fear them as gods because of their disciplinary measures.

No child will want to be at the receiving end of their parent's wrath when they misbehave, how much more talking back at them.

In a video shared on Facebook by Mrs. Ella Umeh, she was talking to her daughter "You said I called you a pig so what happened?"

And the girl boldly responded," If I'm a pig, only a pig gives birth to its kind and a human being to its kind.

So if I am a pig, you are a pig oh cause you gave birth to me and a human being can not give birth to a pig".

Her mother now asked her if she's calling her a pig and she said "if you call me a pig are you not a pig? You are my mother na".

Her reply now prompted the woman to ask her if she's insulting her and she denied it, that her mum was the one that called herself a pig.

The video has sparked reactions from Facebook users who saw it.

Some thought that the child had insulted her mum.

Others saw it as a child being herself.

One Elizabeth said, "why are you all faking your feelings? See women saying she is bold, intelligent, etc. Well we all do what works for us sha".

"I call it a corporate polite insult. Indirectly saying don't use such words again cause a goat can not give birth to a lion" Ejima says.

Could this be modern-day parenting? What are your thoughts on this matter? Do share.


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