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Here is what the Igbo's and Yoruba's must learn from the skit of Ooni of Ife

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In the trending tweet of Mr macaroni the popular comedian currently trending online shows a lot of things but the Ooni of Ice really wanted us to learn to respect our elders.

Though the skit was unexpected, no one was expecting the Ooni of Ife to be in a comedy skit especially with Mr macaroni but it would seem it really happened and the skit is s very interesting one.

Above all this shows that the Ooni of Ife really supports the youth and would do anything for everyone to learn what is right and necessary.

Its really good the Ooni of Ife supports entertainment, supports the youth and above all is ready to teach us.

This skit goes out to the public and though it is very funny,this article will give you details of what you should really learn.

Do you think it is old fashioned when someone kneels or prostrate before an elder or a king for that matter?

Showing respect is never old fashioned, showing respect especially to your elderly ones would always be a thing no one should ever forget,you may even see it as a duty from you to the world

To the Yoruba's. How do you think a Yoruba man,woman, elderly one or a King should be addressed? It has always been the culture of the Yoruba's to always prostrate by lying down on the flow to an elder. But the ladies show their respect by kneeling down close to the elder.

This should always be remembered especially by the youth in the Yoruba land even those currently in the country and those far away who might not know their duty to the elderly ones.

If you would notice that even an elderly one will still bow before a king or someone like the Ooni of Ife but this actually shows a sign of respect to the crown or the staff which they represent. You can never say this culture of bowing and kneeling down is over emphasized or old fashioned,you should never forget your root. So this skit from the Ooni of Ife is reminding you of your heritage which you should not forget.

To the Igbo's. How do you think the Igbo's respect their elderly ones and most especially their king? The Igbo's are really people of culture, no matter what they still remember their heritage. You show respect in the Igbo land by bowing down your head to greet the elders. Its a sign of respect to the elders and must never be ignored. Its every time our elderly ones try to pray for us that things shall be well with us,you should know that the prayer of an elderly one in the Igbo land is very important for you.

One thing about the Igbo's is their tradition,no matter were they are,they always find the time to come back together and celebrate their culture and keep the respect of the elderly ones always going.

If the Ooni of Ife can really make a video reminding everyone to always see it as a good thing to respect their culture and most especially their elderly ones, then you should know it is very important.

Some might say the respect is over rated but its not even the bible agrees with it

Timothy 5:1-3 even says you should never speak harshly to an older man,but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father

Even Ephesians 6:1-3 says children obey your parent's in the Lord,for this is right."Honour your father and mother" this is the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you and you may live long.

There are other ways of showing respect. Bowing down to an elderly one is not the only way of showing respect,you can also do so by visiting the elderly ones,showing them you remember them. You know the world currently moves at a fast pace now with everybody busy and trying to survive but we should never forget what is most important.

Our elders are sometimes forgotten but when you take time to visit them then you give them value and appreciate their input in the society.

Always be polite and always ask for advice from them,you will be amazed at their input.

The Ooni of Ife have really supported the youth by having them in mind,even with his busy schedule, he did the skit.

Don't forget to always show respect.

Thank you to the Ooni of Ife for the skit and also Mr macaroni.

Thank you for reading.

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