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What is your opinion on the Credit Score System?(Photos)

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Some people would laugh when they see someone having this credit score while others will be determined not to let their own score to get to 20. Its not being easy writing articles but most people would tell you that they are now better writers than they were before. A lot of people have really learnt how to become better writers and at the same time they get paid for it.

Since the platform started there have been some likes and dislikes but one thing has been certain which every writer would agree with me,and that is every writer gets paid at a particular week of the month before which is always before 15th.

I have faced so many challenges as a writer and as time goes on,I just realise am still here writing. Overcoming all the challenges and getting better is one thing every writer has always tried to do and they are very good at it.

Now there is another challenge which you can call the Credit Score System.

What do you think about this new system?

I really liked the system when it was first introduced but after getting to these point,I now realised that it has made me better and the number of rejections I usually get has reduced. But who am I if I can not make more mistakes? Who are we if we don't have room for more mistakes?

Sometimes I write an article and when it gets rejected,I try to learn what was my mistake then I just correct it.

I can remember when my credit score was at 45 and I wrote an article about "beautiful ladies design" it got rejected because the photos showed a little bit of ladies skin. I was so angry that I even told myself I would not even write anything about ladies or even put any ladies picture in my article. The rejection really made me learn more but I still followed the advice I gave myself of not writing anything concerning ladies.

The credit score must have made a lot of people more careful on what they want to write about, it has really made me more careful. But most times I blame myself for all of the rejections i get but I got to understand that no one is above mistakes.

Believe me when I tell you that sometimes when I get rejections,I can actually cry and even stop writing for a day or two but all these are still part of the learning process.

Let me say these: If Richiehenshaw is reading this then I just want to tell you that you are really trying,I say this because am familiar with your articles.

Back to the credit score system,how many people have stopped writing because of their credit score is very low?

Here are some reactions concerning the credit score system;

I know am a better writer now and I know am not above making mistakes but I will keep on trying. I can still remember when my credit score was still at 100.

So what is your Opinion on the Credit Score System?

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