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If You Are Not A Woman, Don't Open This Message It's Not Meant For You!


A woman is self-less, brave and an emotionally strong creature.

A woman will never let go of the people she loves. She is actually a blessing on this earth. She plays many roles in each one of our lives:

A woman is or one day become a strong Mother, an understanding wife, a loving sister alias Mother, a lovely daughter, a soulmate.

This life will never be sweet without women therein - Women are the salt of the world and even the pillar of the same!

But what if it happens that the salt loses it taste? Then it will be thrown and cast away completely!

As a Lady, Have you ever wonder why since from your teenage to your present life you had many ex boyfriends?

Well! The truth is that most women before they got married had plenty different ex boyfriends in their life, and most of a times the break up is caused by men! But why is that?

Yeah! It's very simple and understanding! A guy will date you just to see whether you are sweet as this salt we have talked about above! Otherwise you will be cast away!

But what are the attributes of your good salt as a woman?

Well! The attributes of your good salt is nothing rather than your income and a good character. Huh! some women will be wondering why I included money in this matter.

The Money........................................

To be frank, as a woman when you have a small business or job which is bringing you money, then even if you are the ugliest, then you will wonder how men will be rushing to have you, and this is just because no one wants to carry a large burden. Regardless of if you are pretty or beautiful.

Must ladies don't understand this, the rather become liability to their men instead!

And when you chopped plenty money from his pocket and he now understands that nothing good will come out from you, then he will try to break up by any means.

No man wants a liability! Understand this! Before a man will date you and put you in his heart thinking of marrying you! It's either you are the most beautiful in your area! or he sees something good coming or will come out from you!

Otherwise all the love in his heart will remain just for flirting! When you are thinking of marrying him, he will still be searching for another fruitful woman until he gets and before you realize that - you will just hear bout his marriage and you will be crying of how wicked he is!

When you make your boyfriend as your ATM card, understand that he will also make you nothing but a bed machine in return - And that is trade by barter there's nothing like wickedness in that review!

Yes! It's good for a guy to spend money in a relationship but that doesn't mean you will make him your complete source of income! If he understand that, he will flee.....

Woman is known since from the beginning to be a helper to her man not a liability, so grasp the opportunity to help your man instead of making more burden to his life - Do this and you will wonder how your relationship will be very strong and long lasting.

The Character....................................

When he finally believes that you are not a liability to him but a financially free woman - the next thing he will check is your character!

Understand that most men loves their mothers more than you! So when he consider and discovers that you can insult his mum when you get rooted in his house - that will be another case as he will start doing anything that can cause your break up!

A woman that respects and behave decently to her man, I'm telling you that man can never afford to live her! Whenever he will try to separate himself from you then two things will pop into his mind and these are....

(1) If I leave this woman, where would I get another one like this in this generation?

(2) If I let go of her, will God not ask me when I die?

Am telling you that these two things will make man love you more than you deserve.

No man will be thinking of this two things if you are spending his money anyhow! Or if your characters are not good! All what he can do is to pay you for what you demand and nothing more else.

Have you ever wonder why many ladies are unmarried now? It's because what I'm saying above it's true!

When you grasp the opportunity of your good salt as a woman and patiently abide in them, then for surety, very soon you will see guys which you never expect them coming to your area asking for your hand in marriage....

Most guys today make opportunity of asking other people of your area of how good character you are, and when he figures out that 60% of your area people support him not to marry you - that's why most a times you would be surprise of how the break ups are coming just like that!

But it's because your area people knows about you more than you ever you know! And they can stand to tell good or bad news about your characters whenever someone ask them to.


👉 Make your character good...

👉 Respect your man...

👉 Have your own source of income...

👉 Live decently...

👉 Be prayerful...

These are the only but the quality of a good woman that any man will love to MARRY!


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