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I caught my husband doing this, he has really changed after our wedding (fiction)

I am in tears right now. I feel so much pain, shame and I don't know what to do. I need your kind advice. Below is a story of what i caught my husband doing and how he has really changed after we got married.

N.B: The picture is only used for illustration

My name is Mrs Grace, I hail from Lagos State. I am a Christian and i also got married to my husband in a church. My husband used to be very loving and nice towards me. He would buy me nice things after work. Sometimes my husband would take me on a shopping trip.

Few months after our wedding, I noticed my husband has changed. He would come back home looking drunk and tired. Whenever I questioned him, he would snub me and move quickly to his room. I felt that he was giving me attitude because of my childlessness.

I even called a pastor to counsel us to ensure that our marriage does not crash. Whenever my husband and I are in public, he would treat me like nothing has changed about him. He was only displaying public affection so that nobody will question him regarding his marriage. My husband is an entertainer due to his love for entertainment. He owns a record label and a restaurant.

I was patient and prayerful about his sudden change in character. Gradually, I began to assume the position of providing for the family and he would complain bitterly about not making a dime from his music. I was supportive and prayerful because I know that getting married to a celebrity is not easy.

One day, I decided to follow my husband unknown to him. I waited in my car while he was about to leave his office. I had the shock of my life that day. My husband came out of his office with his secretary. They both entered his car and drove away.

I followed them without anyone noticing me. My husband drove his car to a hotel and paid for a lodge. I called him with my cellphone and he claimed that he was still busy at the office. I was outside watching patiently. After an hour, he came out with his secretary and drove off. I don't know what he went to do there but it seems very suspicious.

I hurriedly drove my car down to my house and changed my clothes and acted like I have been at home all day. My husband came back home and when I questioned him about his day at the office, he claimed to have been busy in the office all day long. I am confused and I need your advice urgently. Like and ensure that you drop a comment.

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