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My housekeeper is giving me issues -lady says after she caught her doing this

This lady on Twitter who goes by the name of Loki @sultanaofjade tweeted about how she came back home only to see her housemaid cleaning her house while rocking her wig comfortably without fear or worry.

Mixed feelings were flying about in her comment section with some group of people calling for her sack, while the other group called for the woman to gift the wig to the house. Although some are against giving her the wig saying it was supporting her wrongdoings and motivating and backing her to do more.

The lady who was seeking advice got into some arguments with some of her followers as they disagreed with each other's perspectives.

She lady later revealed that she fired the lady after a lot of consideration especially after the housekeeper told her it was normal that she was putting on the wig.

This below is some reactions

What do you think was the right thing to do, sack her or give her the wig

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