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These pictures show that Hollywood is awesome.

We all know that most of the movies we watch use visual effects to create a better movie experience but we may not know how often, or to what extent this visual effects are used in today's films.

Most of us if not all of us know that the tiger in the movie, Life of Pi wasn't a real tiger. Nor majority of what we saw in The Avengers, and even the animals in Rampage, before I forget, most of the characters in Alice in wonderland wasn't real. You might be amazed to know that other movies were digitally altered and in manners you might not expect, movies like iron Man, Thor, Lord of the rings, black panther, RoboCop e.t.c.

Well, I compiled a number of before and after pictures of some movies for you to have a better understanding of my point.

You may not look at movies the same way again after seeing these pictures...

Here are the pictures...

Content created and supplied by: Johnny_eva (via Opera News )

Alice Hollywood Pi The Avengers Thor


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