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I Ate All The Food Myself, Then Took The Cake Back Home - Man Whose Date Stood Up Share Experience

Relationship can sometimes be hilarious and unpredictable, it's only interesting for those who are lucky to find good and serious partner.

A man identified as Soul Photographer has reveals his experience with his date after a Twitter user asked if anyone have ever got stood up by a date? (this means to have gone on a date, except to find that you've been left by yourself because your date never showed up).

Soul Photographer made it known that it happened to him during the day of her date birthday, unfortunately he ends up eating all the food alone while the cake for the birthday was returned home.

This is usually a funny scene if it's used as a movie. People begin to pity him while others imagine how he was able to single-handedly finish the food.

Things like this are common with some women especially those who have multiple lovers as some of them will always get stranded after arranging a date because could have followed another man out.

See how people begins to comment about his ugly experience.

Have you ever experienced things related to this drama shared by the man? Share your own story.

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