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If You Don't Laugh At These Pictures, You Are A Genius. See 30 Funny Memes

Laughter is very important in our everyday lives because it helps us forget our sorrows even if it is just for a while. Let us take a look at 30 funny memes that will make you laugh.

1. This used to happen to me a lot as a kid. 2. The story of every African parent. Haha3. Only God can help you at a time like this. 😂4. Chu Chu what are you doing outside? Will you run back to your seat! 5. My mom will be like, is this number "5 or S". 6. All of you always posting on social media that you are at home and they should come and beat you, just know that everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. 7. African mothers are fond of doing this. 8. My brother, just know that you are on a long thing. 9. At this point, you do not need a Prophet to tell you that you are already writing nonsense. 10. Tell me from far, I dey hear you loud and clear! 😂11. Lagosians will understand this scenario very well. 12. Shuga daddy is in trouble! 😂13. That moment when you try to push all your frustration on anybody that talk to you when you are angry. 14. I'm like, Yinmu! 15161718192021222324252627282930. Let me stop here so that you will not pee on your body due to laughter.

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African Chu Chu Funny Memes


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