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Five Famous Celebrities Who Stopped Being Gay, Including Donnie McClurkin

The LGBTQ group is one group that has continued to wax stronger in the world. Some countries are now even reconsidering their formerly rigid stance on homosexuality. However, there are actually celebrities who were once gay but stopped and became straight. A gospel artiste, and a former gay rights activist turned pastor are part of this list. Check them out!

Anne Heche

Anne Heche is a beautiful famous actress who has featured in big movies like Volcano, Back to Paradise, Birth, Aftermath, Catfight, etc.

Anne Heche dated famous lesbian celebrity Ellen DeGeneres, who now hosts 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'. Their relationship lasted for three years, and they were a very famous lesbian couple. They dated from 1997 to 2000, before Anne Heche left Ellen to date a man.

While Anne Heche was in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, her career suffered. She lost out on major movie roles because of her lesbian relationship. But why should someone's career suffer because they are gay? Who are we to judge?

After Anne Heche left Ellen, she dated and married a cameraman named Laffoon Coleman, and together they have a son whom they named Homer. However, their marriage did not last, as they got divorced in 2007. Then she started dating fellow actor, James Tupper.

Anne Heche was in a relationship with James Tupper from 2007 to 2018. Their relationship produced another child, named Atlas Heche Tupper. Since then, Anne Heche has never gone back to being a lesbian.

Julie Cypher

Famous movie director, Julie Cypher, was initially heterosexual, before she became gay and went back to being straight again.

Julie Cypher was initially married to Lou Diamond Phillips from 1986 to 1990. She must have thought that she was no longer attracted to men, as she left her husband and found love with her fellow woman.

Julie Cypher started dating singer-songwriter and gay activist, Melissa Etheridge. When asked in an interview whether she would consider dating a man again, she said, "I doubt it. I would look for the person, for the soul, but I just feel that the female psyche is where I find my statisfaction with relationships." She would later change her mind again.

While Julie Cypher was with Melissa, she gave birth to two children through artificial insemination. They had a girl, Bailey Jean and a boy, Beckett. Unfortunately though, Beckett died this year (2020) in the month of May, at the age of 21.

Julie Cypher decided again that lesbianism was not for her, and broke up with her lebian partner in 2000, and got married to a man, Matthew Hale in 2004. What are your thoughts on homosexuality?

Donnie McClurkin

American multiple Grammy award winning gospel artiste and minister, Donnie McClurkin was once gay. Do you find this hard to believe? You shouldn't, because change is constant and people can choose to become someone else, or rather someone better.

Donnie McClurkin said he had suffered from sexual abuse when he was young, and because of that, he had become homosexual. He said that God delivered him, and he believes that God can deliver other homosexuals too.

Donnie McClurkin is currently over 60 years old, and is still single. We are happy for him, and we hope he finds a wife soon if that is what he really wants.

Mel B

Famous British singer and actress, Mel B, who was also a member of the Spice Girls music group, has also had lesbian relationships in the past.

Mel B dated Christine Crokos for five years, and they were a famous lesbian couple. However, she decided to become straight again and ignited her attraction to men.

Mel B left Christine Crokos and got married to Belafonte Stephen. She said, "I had a great five-year relationship with a lovely lady....but I've been happily married to my husband for seven years."

However, Mel B and Belafonte's marriage did not last, as they had a messy divorce in 2017. Mel B claimed that Belafonte physically abused her. We hope she finds happiness with another man again.

Michael Glatze

Michael Glatze was a famous gay activist who desperately fought for the rights of gay people. He co-founded the Young Gay America group, and was also a writer and editor.

While he was gay, he was in a relationship with a fellow man, Benjie Nycum. When he eventually came out and said he was no longer gay, it was such a big deal that the media focused on him.

Michael Glatze then became a pastor, and married a beautiful woman named Rebekah Glatze in 2013. According to Michael Glatze, "Homosexuality destroys impressionable minds and confuses their developing sexuality."

Glatze now sees homosexuality as something that hinders people from finding their true self, as "We cannot see the truth when we are blinded by homosexuality." Do you agree with him? A movie was even made in 2015 about his life, titled 'I Am Michael'.

From the story of these celebrities who were once gay but became straight again, it proves that it is possible for gay people to change their sexuality. But would you love to see gay people become straight?

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