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5 Hilarious Jokes That Will Make Your Day

1. Small quarrel you want to break up, abeg in which relationship? The one I suffered for three months to toast you before you agree? 

2. In my country, once you dodge your mother’s slap, you have join cult… who agrees with me?* ‍

3. I’m On My Way Baby. This Alone Can Motivate Some Guys To Sweep The Whole Community. If you know you know 

4. My crush called me a big head today, I was about to get excited but then I remembered my head is actually big I soft like pillow. 

5. Seriously eeeh if not for auto corrections, some people really don’t know the correct Spelling’s. Some will be guessing different letters till they see it on word suggestion. Nawa ooo 

6. I thought money is the only thing that changed people, not until yesterday that I went to an occasion and ordinary JOLLOf rice made someone act as if she doesn’t know me. 

7. There is no one as patient & careful as someone who wants to light a matches that remains only one matchstick and it’s night. 

8. Every high school has that annoying security guard who acts like the principal.if you know u know 

9. Actors and actresses kiss each other for like 10 seasons in their movies and do not fall in love. But this girl just clicked “LIKE” on your picture and you’ve been thinking about it for days! BROTHER! In Jesus’ name, receive sense 

10. hehehe have you also noticed this on church weddings? Wedding attendance: Church= 31; Reception= 4500. I will just share my food in church 

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